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What's The VA-VMC?

The Veterans Affairs (VA) Virtual Medical Center (VMC) is a continuously available virtual environment accessible to Providers, Veteran Patients, and their family members. It provides Veteran Patient access to validated medical materials and resources, improving healthcare information by connecting healthcare professionals and patients in a truly collaborative environment. If you would like to learn more or GET SUPPORT, please click the link below.

Get Support Photo of a doctor holding a clipboard.

Virtual Clinics

Focusing on general health topics, specific medical conditions, disease management, and well-being.

Our Clinic

Education Center

Content, streaming video, documents, and VA websites are instantly accessible within a few easy clicks.

Photo of the Education Center.

Information Desk Assistants

Available throughout the world to answer Frequently Asked Questions.

Main Lobby

Main Lobby Auditoriom

Veterans can attend learning events and support groups, and VA Staff can attend meetings and Online Training to earn CEUs.


Choose Your VA-VMC Experience

Users can access the VA-VMC in three different versions:

Web 2D Desktop 3D Web 3D
Ideal Use Access to VA-VMC resources when 3D
virtual world is not optimal
Access 3D experience by leveraging the
user's computer's power
Access 3D experience without downloads, installation, or plugins when using modern computer and web browser
Access Method Web Browser Installed ApplicationWindows and macOS Web BrowserChrome and Edge Supported
Use without installation of software or plugins
Immersive 3D Virtual World
Access Curated Content
Attend Scheduled Events
Create Scheduled Events and Meetings
Two-way Audio
Customizable Avatars
Text Chat
VA Enterprise Search
AccessVA Log In
VA Staff Log In
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